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All resources in French.

Aim Lower A video to help churches, leaders and organizations communicate why it is vital to focus on children. 4 Stars
7Ways leader's guide: Discipling children creatively Helpful ways to plan engaging Bible lessons for children. 4 Stars
CYCAS Foundational Training Entry level [Level F] Training Resources for the Global Training Package 5 Stars
Today The importance of children in God's plan 4 Stars
Ubabalo Level 1 Training (Nov2011) What is Ubabalo? How does it work? 4 Stars
Book of Hope - storytellers version The story of salvation from creation to the cross 4 Stars
HEART VALUES Opening Titles Nine heart values in an exciting opening title. 5 Stars
New Testament in the Old Testament These lessons will help children see the many links between the Old Testament and the New. 1 Star
Unit 1: The Gospel  - 7Ways BibleMAX An overview of the gospel in 5 lessons 2 Stars
Last Supper Holy Communion 4 Stars
Daily Devotions for Kids--October October daily devotions--great for kids and their families! 2 Stars
Bobo and The Lion A story of faith and deliverance 4 Stars
The Tower of Babel history of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages (Genesis ch 11) 5 Stars
Unit 4: How to Live - 2  - 7Ways BibleMAX Second set of lessons based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. 3 Stars
The Bible, Presentation What is the Bible, its history... 4 Stars
David and Goliath Story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17 ch) 4 Stars
Ubabalo Soccer Sessions 1-20 Soccer Session 5 Stars
Unit 9: Old Testament Rescue - 7Ways BibleMAX This unit highlignt the lives of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Miriam and Moses as God used them to Rescue His people. 5 Stars
The three trees a very nice Christmas story. 5 Stars
Unit 10: Easter - 7Ways BibleMAX These 5 lessons explore the Easter events. 5 Stars
Unit 6: Who is this man? - 7Ways BibleMAX Unit 6 includes 5 lessons that reveal the character of Jesus. 4 Stars
Living in the Kingdom- discover what it is like to belong A curriculum to help children discover what it means to live as a child of the King of Kings 5 Stars
God's love overcomes violence story of Joseph on the theme of violence (Gen. ch 37) 5 Stars
The basics of the Gospel explain the basis for salvation to the children 4 Stars
Daniel Daniel servant and Prophet (old drawings) 3 Stars
Unit 21: Reconciliation - 7Ways BibleMAX This unit deals with very difficult issues for children who have build their lives after civil war. 3 Stars
Age Differences A guide to children’s stages of development and help for working with groups with mixed ages. 3 Stars
Bible Handling Goals for Children An age-appropriate guide for children’s use of the Bible - their knowledge of its content, skills in using it and attitudes towards it. 3 Stars
Connecting With Families Ideas for connecting the children’s ministry at church with the children’s families and supporting parents in their role. 3 Stars
Book of Scripture Picture Puzzles A book of picture puzzle actvities using Bible passages 3 Stars
God cared for Elijah the prophet history of Eli fed by the Raven and the widow (1 Kings 17) 4 Stars
The Good Samaritan The Parable of the Good Samaritan 5 Stars
I Believe A lively, fun and easy song based on the words of Matthew 16:16. 4 Stars
Shepherd and sheep Slideshow photo, Shepherd, sheep, care 4 Stars
1for50 Bible Study Sermon Outlines To help you and your church discover God’s heart for children and consider keys to lasting impact on the lives of children 2 Stars
The lost sheep Parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18 and Luke 15) - animated powerpoint 2003 minimum 5 Stars
Beethleem, the birth of the Savior Beethleem, the birth of the Savior, old images 2 Stars
Jonas (transparent tables) story of Jonah, his choice, its consequences, the plan of salvation 5 Stars
Adapting Materials to Different Cultures Suggestions on how to work with children from different cultures to oyur own. 3 Stars
Sunday Service Celebrating Children A Sunday Service to celebrate the importance of children and those who work with them 3 Stars
GCF5.0 booklet - 2013 The booklet from the GCF4.0 gathering in Kenya in 2013. 4 Stars
1for50 Core Training Goals The goals for the 1for50 Core Training 3 Stars
1for50 Personal Training Record This training record will help you keep track of the training you have received and show you areas in which you need more training 3 Stars
1for50 Vision The vision of equipping more children's workers around the world 3 Stars
Christmas shadow Chinese (animation) presentation of the history of Christmas: establishment of the decorations, the real characters in shadows must be insert in the show... Try it is magical (explanation) in the slideshow 5 Stars
Choice of the Disciples of Jesus call several disciples, all different... 5 Stars
1for50 Training Overview Page Explanation of the 1for50 training outline 3 Stars
Story of Jonah Story of Jonah, his choices, the consequences, the plan of salvation 4 Stars
1for50 Hand An explanation of the1for50 vision using the hand illustration 3 Stars
David and Mephiboshet story of David illustrating the grace... 5 Stars
Jonas Jonas, disobedience, the goodness of God (book of Jonah) 4 Stars
Je Crois Une chanson animé et facile d'apprendre basée sur les mots de Matthieu 16:16- la confession de Pierre. 3 Stars
Today, video How to use video 2 Stars
one month devotion Devotions based on daily life. (English) 2 Stars
Leading Children to Christ Guidelines for sharing the Gospel with children and supporting them in their new life as Christians. 3 Stars
Today Today Video Script with English version 2 Stars
KIDSHUB Video Session - French version Translation of Training material for Kids and Teens Video session 2 Stars
The last supper The last supper explained simply to younger (and others) 2 Stars