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All resources in Portuguese (Brazil).

7Ways leader's guide: Discipling children creatively Helpful ways to plan engaging Bible lessons for children. 4 Stars
Ubabalo Level 1 Training (Nov2011) What is Ubabalo? How does it work? 4 Stars
CYCAS Foundational Training Entry level [Level F] Training Resources for the Global Training Package 5 Stars
Jesus and children 8 beautiful pictures of Jesus and children from stories in the Gospels. 4 Stars
Ubabalo Envisioning on Fatherlessness This is to envision on the crisis of fatherlessness plaguing Africa and the world. 5 Stars
What is the Bible like? Sword, light, bread. Waffle looks in the Bible and is amazed, it is a library with light, bread and a sword! 4 Stars
Max7 Kids Level 3 Training of Trainers Training of Trainers 3 Stars
New Beginnings (Lessons 1-5) A Discipleship Resource 4 Stars
Paul and Silas in jail - as powerpoint or flashcards Picture story of Paul and Silas from Acts 16 5 Stars
The story of Paul - and his conversion The story of Paul the apostle and his conversion on the road to Damascus. 3 Stars
The story of Jesus'  last week on powerpoint A child's point of view of the Palm Sunday and crucifixion story 2 Stars
Unit 1: The Gospel  - 7Ways BibleMAX An overview of the gospel in 5 lessons 2 Stars
Max7 Kids Level 2 Training These are the resources needed for Max7 Level 2 of the CYCAS Global Training Package. 4 Stars
Jesus calms a storm Jesus shows his power and calms a storm. 2 Stars
Global Community Games Global Community Games or GCG Master Training for catalytic evangelism using sport. 5 Stars
Max7 Kids Level 1 Training Master Trainers resources for Level 1 of the CYCAS Global Training Package. 5 Stars
Elijah faces the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel God answers Elijah as they challenge the prophets of Baal 3 Stars
Youth Sports Leadership Development (YSLD) Level 1 training YSLD level 1 course for Master Trainers GTP 4 Stars
Jesus feeds the 5000 - a storytelling presentation Jesus miraculously feeds 5000 - told with bright pictures 5 Stars
Paul in Ephesus A series of the pictures of Paul and the riot in Ephesus from Acts 19. 3 Stars
Jesus' parable of the great banquet Line drawings of Jesus' parable found in Luke 14 2 Stars
Self control powerpoint template Young People 2 Stars
True Meaning of Christmas A puppet or drama script for Christmas. 3 Stars
The Fun Factor An article which discusses the positive outcomes of fun in a program and suggests strategies to create an environment that fosters better attendance, attention spans and Bible teaching retention rates in children. From BibleMAX curriculum. 3 Stars
The Heart of the Movement: Brazilian Portuguese The Heart of the Movement animation 3 Stars
Jesus enters Jerusalem - the Palm Sunday story from a child's perspective, A Palm Sunday presentation of Jesus entry to Jerusalem, retelling the events from a child's perspective. 4 Stars
Empty Tombs - a fun food craft for Easter This is a food craft to help us remember the victory of Jesus rising from death. 4 Stars
Make Your Children’s Ministry Attractive Skills and ideas to improve the appearance of your childrens ministry meeting space, and to add excitement through sound and visual extras. From BibleMAX curriculum. 3 Stars
Children’s Ministry in Remote and Rural Areas An article by a city based children’s worker moving to a rural area. From BibleMAX curriculum. 3 Stars
Max7 banners for linked websites 2 banners for linking to the Max7 site 4 Stars
The Sower The Parable of the Sower animation 4 Stars
Praise the Lord! Psalm 150 animation 4 Stars
Goal-setting powerpint template Encouraging young people to set goals in their lives 2 Stars
Evair Watch Brazilian Futbol player Evair talk about his love for the game but also how he has a stronger love for God. 4 Stars
Like a Child A challenge to come to God like a child 3 Stars
How to Use BibleMAX Express Information to help you use the BibleMAX Express Lesson. 3 Stars
Encourage Children to Disciple One Another Skills to help you identify ways that children can more fully participate in church life. From BibleMAX curriculum. 5 Stars
The Two Houses Jesus' parable of the houses built on the sand and on the rock. 4 Stars
Drama and the Bible An article about how experiential Bible drama can be used to teach and inform children at a deeper level than watching a performance or hearing a story. From BibleMAX curriculum. 3 Stars
Heart Values: Brazilian The Heart Values of the global sports movement 3 Stars
Psalms 119: 11 Verse excited 2 Stars
Being Honest before God powerpoint template Helping young people to avoid pretence 2 Stars
Attitudes of Love A fun lesson on how to have attitudes that demonstrate love. 5 Stars
Enigmatic verse Psalms 119: 105 2 Stars
Max7 Promotional Flyer A DL envelope sized advertisement for Max7 4 Stars
Help Children Belong Skills to prompt conversations with children. From BibleMAX curriculum. 3 Stars
Verse Excited Creative means of passing the verse to memorize from Romans 12: 2b. 4 Stars
Verse of the Day An idea on how to creatively present the verse of the day 4 Stars